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Week 10: Google Education on Air

Google Education on Air is a great side that gives you information about many different topics. These topics range from digital literacy and citizenship to Blended learning and even youtube in the classroom. I listened to the one about digital literacy and citizenship and the educators that presented offered many good tools and resources to [...]

Week 8: Blogging in the K-12 Classroom

I really enjoyed ready the post on Langwitches for Blogging in the K-12 Classroom. It started with teachers learning how to setup and maintain a blog. They teachers themselves had milestones to hit and parents to involve. They slowly moved to where the students were learning how to post on the blog as well. This [...]


Digital Footprints

Billy learns about the perils of goofing around online. Anything you upload to the internet can help build an online reputation that may come back to haunt you. For more information, please read all about your digital footprint at, or visit Get Wise Online for more Internet safety tips. Digital Footprints are extremely [...]